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TypeWrytr in action

TypeWrytr - Designed to Assist

Full English Auto-Complete

Full English Autcomplete - TypeWrytr

Auto-complete suggestions for the complete English vocabulary for US & British English, so that you can pick and insert where possible instead of typing out the whole thing.

Phrases and any non-dictionary words that you frequently use will feature in suggesitons as well.Read more

Real as-you-type Spell checking

Real As-You-Type Spell Checking - TypeWrytr

The word being typed in is spell-checked as and when it is being typed in, and not after it is typed in completely. This lets you correct errors the moment you make them, instead of having to travel back from the next word or paragraph.

Even when your eyes are on the keyboard, our audio-alert-on-error will ensure that no errors are missed.Read more

Rapid Error Correction

Rapid Error Navigation and Correction - TypeWrytr

Quickly go to the next or previous error using a single key-stroke, instead of with an arbitrary number of up/down/left/right actions.

Once there, you can pick the appropriate spelling from the automatically offered spelling suggestions or correct the error manually. Read more

Refocus Assistance

Refocus Assistance - TypeWrytr

When you return to resume editing a document, the context you were in before you left is highlighted so that you can quickly get back in the zone, without having to go caret hunting.Read more

Context Highlight

Context Highlight - TypeWrytr

The current paragraph (the one with the caret in it) appears brighter than the rest to help you stay in the context.Read more

Easy Document Navigation

Easy Document Navigation - TypeWrytr

Go to any part of the document quickly with a couple of key-strokes. Additionally, add bookmarks at points of interest where you'll likely need to return to frequently. Read more

Keystroke Savings Calculator

Feel free to skip this section if you don't like numbers!

Let us see how many keystrokes (and consequently time and effort) TypeWrytr will be saving you on a daily basis (you can change the numbers below)

Average number of words typed per day:1000
Mistakes made per 100 words (that you go back and correct afterwards):5
Average number of additional letters typed in before realizing the mistake made:3
Average number of letters typed in (after backspacing the error out) to correct the word:3

Assuming the following (you can change these as well)

Average word length:6 letters
Average sentence length:10 words
Average paragraph length:8 sentences

From the specified number of words, there will be sentences, spread across paragraphs.

Scenario #1 - Keystrokes needed when using your favorite word processor

For the words themselves: * =
For paragraph separators (a single new line character) for paragraphs:
For sentence separators (a period followed by a space) for sentences: * 2 =
For word separator (a single space): * 1 =

For backspacing: * (/100) * =
For corrections = * (/100) * =

Total number of keystrokes needed:
+ + + + + =

Scenario #2 - Keystrokes needed when using TypeWrytr

With TypeWrytr's auto-complete filling out at least three words in every sentence (you'll likely be doing it more!), you'll save approximately keystrokes per sentence clean and straight. That is * = keystrokes saved.

With TypeWrytr's audio error-alert and real as-you-type spell checking, you'll drastically reduce the number of additional letters typed in after you make an error. So for errors in the whole content, you can save up to keystrokes that you previously wasted before realizing the mistake plus keystrokes that you previously wasted for backspacing. Completing out such words with the spell checker's in-place auto suggest, you can save a further keystrokes.

As soon as a sentence-ender (a period, question mark or exclamation) is typed in, a single space is automatically added by TypeWrytr. So for sentences, this means keystrokes saved.

For other punctuations like commas, quotes, brackets, etc, the most appropriate letter(s) that follow(s) is/are automatically added by TypeWrytr. So assuming 5 punctuations per paragraph, you'll approximately be saving * 5 = keystrokes.

Total number of keystrokes saved:
+ + + + + =

Total number of keystrokes needed:
- =

That is a % reduction in the number of keystrokes needed for the same content when using TypeWrytr. This percentage will continue improving the more you use TypeWrytr and its efficiency oriented features like easy navigation with GoTo and Bookmarks, Rapid Error Navigation and Correction, etc.

Subscription Plans

Start with a free trial or choose one from monthly or annual that suits you. The free trial is for 30 days, after which you'll need to upgrade to either the monthly or the annual plan to continue using the service.

Free Trial 30 day free trial Fully functional - No credit card required Start Free Trial
Monthly 19.90/ month Subscribe
Annual 199.90/ year Subscribe

Standard Features

  • 500 documents maximum. Limit replenishes every year.
  • 50 revisions per document. Each save after the 50th will delete the oldest existing revision.
  • 100 folders maximum. Limit replenishes each year.
  • Automated weekly backups.

If you need more storage, revisions or more frequent backups, contact us

Try Now! it's free Features Savings Pricing